This section contains old updates from the main page. They are kept here for reference purposes and to keep the main page less cluttered.

12-10-01: I have some good news and some bad news. First off I will prolly not be able to update at all until this weekend. I know I promised I would sooner, but we got an unusual amount of homework of late and well I got swamped. Finals are this week so after Friday I have nothing and will update. When I do update we havea new fic to post! Its by Lady Kuroda who has already graced us with some of her wonderful artwork. So please be patient with me until the weekend. Arigato.
The biggest news and the "good news" I have to report is that Ronin Warriors is finally going to be coming out on DVD next year. April 23rd. Go here, here or here for more info.

11-21-01: New pic added in the archive section. Its another wonderful work by Lady Kuroda. I will be updating the episode section sometime in the next few days as well.

11-8-01: Brief update, new link added to the link section. I also have a fic or two that need to br put up as soon as they are proofread and coded. New pics will be added this weekend as well, and the poll has been changed.

10-29-01: Being a Junior in College sucks. I've been so busy of late that I havent had time to update here. Sorry guys! That said, there actually hasn't been anything much to report here. No new submissions, or news, and I haven't had time to work on anything myself... *shrugs*

I've been thinking of holding some contests in order to get some more submissions. So, in about a week I will be closing the current poll (What is your favorite Dais episode) and change it to a poll about what kind of contests you would like to see.

Thats about it for now, as always feedback is appreciated so email me, sign the guestbook or check out the message board please. :-)

10-3-01: Yipes! My appologies for the lack of updates, the school year has been hectic both in class and out of class and I have been far more stressed than I should be. I have nothing much to report right now really update wise, except for the fact that there will be an update soon that will include some more episode/bio info, new links, banners and possibly some fics. Thanks for being patient.

9-9-01: Whew! big update this time folks. I've just uploaded several pieces of fanfiction for your enjoyment. Jet Yuy has given us a prequel to her story Dais's Daughter and Crimson of Saturn (the Crimson of Halo and Strata and Project Y fame...) has allowed me to archive her wonderful fic: To See the Light here. Go read it, its superb. We also have some nice poetry from Game Girl as well. Poetry can be found in the Archives section in between the Fics and Art sections. Thats it for now.

9-6-01: Well I'm back at school now and am settling into a routine again. What does that mean for this page? More frequent updates! We have a few fics in the wings that I hope to have up within a few days. Thats about all I have to say right now, so please check out the Message Board and the poll and enjoy your stay here. ;)

8-30-01: Good news! We now have a Message Board and a new poll, both can be found in the interaction section. So go enjoy those. We also will be getting another new fic soon, and a surprise has been uploaded into the Link section. Also new to the links is the very first Dais Web Ring! Go check it out! I'm working on the Bio and Episode summaries, but I will be moving back to school this weekend so expect some delays. Sorry!

8-25-01: We have new art work by Patience in the Archive section. I also moved the old updates to an archival section. See the "Old Updates" link below if you would like to read anything from that. More links have been added and the interactive sections will open soon.

8-20-01: We have a new fic up! Its called Dais's Daughter. It's the authors fist fan fic and it contains some cute moments. So please go check it out and remember to give feedback!
Also I will keep the poll up a little longer. After that we may have a test run for some interactive features so check back often to see whats up.

8-13-01: Our first artwork was added so please go take a look. That said I always need more submissions so if a story or piece of Dais artwork needs a home send it in. ;) I also want to add that I think I will keep the interaction poll up another week or two so go vote now (please).

8-11-01: I have artwork that will be linked up as soon as I can thumbnail it and I hope to have a new fic up soon as well. I also plan to have some wallpapers and other goodies up soon as well.

8-6-01: Wow! So many hits. Thanks anipike. Welcome to the page and thanks for coming. I have updated the Bio section and added some episode info as well. More updates to come.

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